Traveling takes it's toll. To stay sane and happy on the road, I rely on a handful of essentials. Here are my must-haves...
This fragrance is TSA-friendly and smells wonderful. Solid perfume also works in a pinch; I alternate between this and this.

This rosewater spray is super affordable and works great for a little pick-me-up mid-flight, or after a dreaded red eye. 

This is an eyeshadow, cheek highlighter and blush all in one. It works overtime and therefore deserves a coveted space in the make-up bag.

When space is limited, you need products that can do double duty. This is great for chapped lips, but I use it to on dry skin during flights.

Cream blush is great because you don't need to bother packing a bulky blush brush. Pop it in your beach bag for touch-ups. This one is great, and so is this.

I find hotel shampoo and conditioner drying; I swear by this shampoo and conditioner when I'm traveling.

It's hard to make a manicure last, but I find neutral shades go the distance. I keep this or this in my bag for touch-ups on the go.

There are a so few really great products available in travel sizes. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. These little bottles are available at most drugstores and mean you can bring that moisturizer you just can't live without everywhere you go.

This bag is my secret weapon. I use it as a carry-on and put my Madewell tote inside it, so it does double duty. Best of all, it zips down into a handy little pouch no bigger than a notebook, so it's super easy to store at home when I'm not traveling. It comes in lots of fun colors, but I'm partial to bla

Everyone should have a decent rolling carry-on bag. You can spend lots and lots, but keep in mind the rigors of travel and how beat up it'll get. I've found that a mid-range trolley does the trick and if it gets nicked up, I'm not bothered. This one is cool. My husband splurged on this one for himself.

A travel wallet is a must, especially for a long haul trip with train tickets, passports and lots of foreign coins flying around. It keeps me organized and I'm never freaking out because I *think* I lost our passports. Everything is in one place, which makes getting through security checkpoints a breeze. I have an old leather one, but I like this one, this one and this one.

I like to carry only the essentials (especially in urban environments...pick-pockets!), instead of my normal, hefty wallet. A leather card case won't weigh you down and fits neatly into a small bag or clutch. This one is beautiful and comes in lots of fun colors. This is a splurge, but you'll have it forever. This one is price friendly and stylish.

Sneakers take up a ton of precious real estate in your bag, so a lightweight, potentially foldable pair is really key. These sneakers have seen me through the worst of times (running through the airport to catch a flight...) and the best of times (pretending I'm going to work out in the hotel gym, but getting totally sidetracked by a scone.) These sneakers are my go-to for sightseeing. They look cute and go with basically everything (including skirts and dresses!).

Airplanes get cold. Big cashmere scarves keep you warm. I swear by this one, but this one and this one are also nice.

Slippers on the place are such a life-saver And they make trips to the bathroom a joy. I love these because they are literally like walking on a cloud. I also sometimes take a pair from the hotel to wear home on the plane.

Flashy, expensive jewelry when traveling is a no-no. I like to keep it understated and simple with pieces like this, this and this.

I always pack a simple, black clutch; it literally goes with everything, packs completely flat and can dress up any outfit in an instant. This one is a major splurge. I l also ove this one; the leather is beautifully textured.

Denim is a must on the road. For traveling, I like brands with a lot of stretch and find that darker washes fare better. This brand is new for me, but has a great fit. I own multiple pairs of these babies and they're great in white for warmer destinations. A chambray shirt is great for layering and can be dressed up, or down. For summer. I scour thrift stores for vintage Levi's shorts, but these and these are also great and super comfortable. 

I always throw in a stripe shirt; they're an easy way to add a little pattern to your pack without going off the deep end. This one is a splurge, but you'll wear it forever. I love this heritage brand (I picked up a vintage one in Japan; the quality is amazing).  This one is super easy and comes in a bunch of great colors, though I'm partial to classic red and white.

When it comes to sunglasses, I like to keep it classic. These sunnies are timeless, universally flattering for all face shapes, and hide a multitude of sins (hello early AM flight...)